Wrap Your Day Around Your Mission



“No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.” — William Borden

When you wake up in the morning, and you get ready to start your day, identify your mission for the day. And wrap you day around it. Not the other way around.

Start with your mission for the day.

You can get intentional about the results you want to produce, the kind of person you want to be, and the kind of experiences you want to create.

If you don’t, your day will get away from you. Every day.

Drive Your Day or Your Day Drives You

Whether it’s the kids, the boss, the deadlines, the demands, this commitment or that commitment, and a crazy busy schedule, it’s easy to let your day drive you. There are always excuses.

You drive your day or your day drives you.

If you start with your mission and wrap everything around it, imagine how much more you will achieve, how much more accomplished you will be, and how much better you will feel knowing that you fought the good fight.

There are lots of ways to drive your day, but keep it simple and find what works for you.  Brendon Burchard says have a mission for your day.

Brian Tracy talks about finding your Major Definite Purpose, but you can apply that to you day.

Leo Babauta talks about how to purpose your day with your Most Important Tasks (MIT).

Stephen Covey talked about focusing on important things, making room for the Big Rocks, and in his latest work, he said to focus on the “wildly important” vs. the “merely important.”

John Maxwell talks about maximizing your day and making today count.

I talk about making your day more meaningful by using The Rule of 3 and focusing on Three Wins or Three Outcomes.

It’s Not Easy.  But It’s Worth It.

Disruptions and distractions are everywhere.  It’s easy to make excuses why you can’t start with your mission.  It’s easy to play the blame game.

But that won’t serve anyone, and it won’t serve you.

If you want to operate at a higher-lever, serve where you can serve best, and make a difference in your day for you and those around you, start with your mission.

It won’t be easy.  It will be worth it.

And over time it will get easier, because you will gain new clarity in what counts, and what is wildly important vs. what is merely important.

Wrap your day around your mission.  You drive your day or your day drives you.  Start with your mission and make your day meaningful by working on things that matter.

Stay strong and fight your good fight for the greater good.

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