What Life is Like with Agile Results



“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” — Mary Anne Radmacher

Imagine if you could wake up productive, where each day is a fresh start.

As you take in your morning breath, you notice your mind is calm and clear.

Wake Up Strong

You feel strong and well rested.

Before you start your day, you picture in your mind three simple scenes of the day ahead:

In the morning, you see yourself complete a draft you’ve been working on.

In the afternoon, you see yourself land your idea and win over your peers in a key meeting.

In the evening, you see yourself enjoying some quiet time as you sit down and explore your latest adventures in learning.

Rise and Shine

With an exciting day ahead, and a chance to rise and shine, you feel the day gently pull you forward with anticipation.

You know you’ll be tested, and you know some things won’t work out as planned.

But you also know that you will learn and improve from every setback.

You know that each challenge you face will be a leadership moment or a learning opportunity.  Your challenges make you stronger.

And you also know that you will be spending as much time in your strengths as you can, and that helps keep you strong, all day long.

Motivate Yourself from the Inside Out

You motivate yourself from the inside out by focusing on your vision for today and your values.

You value achievement.

You value learning.  You value collaboration.  You value excellence.  You value empowerment.

And you know that throughout the day, you will have every chance to apply your skills to do more, to achieve more, and to be more.

Each task, or each challenge, is also a chance to learn more.  From yourself, and from everyone all around you.

Never Stop Learning

And this is how you never stop learning.

You may not like some of the tasks before you, but you like the chance to master your craft.

And you enjoy the learning.

And you love how you get better.

With each task on your To-Do list for today, you experiment and explore ways to do things better, faster, and easier.

Do More Art

Like a productive artist, you find ways to add unique value.

You add your personal twist to everything you do.

Your twist comes from your unique experience, seeing what others can’t see from your unique vantage point, and applying your unique strengths.

And that’s how you do more art.

Your art.

And as you do your art, you feel yourself come alive.  You feel your soul sing, as you operate at a higher level.

As you find your flow and realize your potential, your inner-wisdom winks in an approving way.

Bloom Like a Garden on a Warm Summer’s Day

Like a garden in full bloom on a warm Summer’s day, you are living your arête.

As your work day comes to an end, you pause to reflect on your three achievements, your three wins, for the day.

You appreciate the way you leaned in on the tough stuff.

You surprised yourself in how you handled some of your most frustrating moments.

And you learned a new way to do your most challenging task.

You take note of the favorite parts of your day, and your attitude of gratitude feels you with a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of fulfillment.

Fresh and ready for anything, you head for home.

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