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  • It’s all too easy for me to put my head down and focus on tasks without considering the bigger picture of what I am working toward. Agile results forces me to see the forest for the trees, to constantly change my perspective and view-scope so that I am not only working efficiently but also working effectively toward maximum results.

Jason Taylor, CTO, Security Innovation

  • Working with J.D. Meier has been one of the most valuable personal development period in my life. He has taught me to develop habits via ’30 day improvement sprints’ that have transformed my life. In the year that I have been coached by J.D. Meier, he has taught me to be 400% more productive. This is like having an extra 6 hours a day, everyday, for the rest of my life! And, in all honesty I have barely begun to scratch the surface of the things he has shared with me.

Dennis Groves, Co-Founder OWASP

  • JD is the go-to-guy for getting results, and Agile Results demonstrates his distinct purpose – he shows how anyone can do anything, better. This book has simple, effective, powerful tools and ideas that are easy enough for everyone to apply in their work and lives, so that they get the results they’d like, even the impossible and the unexpected.

Janine de Nysschen, Changemaker and Purpose Strategist, Whytelligence

  • Agile Results delivers know-what, know-why and know-how for anyone who understands the value of momentum in making your moments count. In our rapidly changing world, JD Meier offers a comprehensive clarity to sort through the often confusing cloud of complexity and find the real opportunity in our lives. I’m actually amazed at how much I learned from the first read through. Can’t wait to go deeper with it, and there’s plenty of depth. He packs powerful ideas that can turn your ideas into action onto every page, and the way he brings them to life makes it a real pleasure to read. More to the point, JD gets it (and you will too!) Time flies and agility is key. If you care about results, if you care about making your life count, Agile Results can take you further, faster and with more fun towards the results you desire.

Dr. Rick Kirschner, bestselling author, speaker, trainer, coach, The Art of Change LLC

  • Working in disaster response and developing countries usually puts me in complex and even vexing situations. It is easy to fall into a rut of doing tasks with no priority or losing track of the big picture, and in our small team time is precious. Agile Results fits my work well – it reinforces natural practices that put outcomes and adaptation at the center of the day.”

Eduardo Jezierski, VP of Engineering, InSTEDD

  • When I was looking at where my life would go next, I actually specifically decided to work worth J.D. because I knew that just being in his presence would change my ineffective patterns, and I’ve not been disappointed. He simply oozes improvement. It’s hard to be around him and not get some on you. I had a large issue with making mistakes and as a result, a lot of fear around doing things I didn’t immediately understand. Through J.D.’s coaching, I have shifted this pattern and many others that I had struggled with for many years. His models, analysis and opinions are well worth the time spent studying them. I continue to use his material as a catalyst for my personal growth.

Rob Boucher, Independent Consultant

  • For a guy like me, who has always been results oriented, JD’s blogs on achieving results are “GEMS”. To achieve results, you should have tremendous sense of yourself and your surrounding. And to do so for long periods requires mastery. JD is a master. I have always been overwhelmed by most of his blog posts. It never ceases to amaze me how each of his blog post relate to me, as a professional, friend, entrepreneur, brother, son and a human being. JD never teaches, never advices – he shares. I always believe that sharing is more personal, it makes you involved, a feeling of “give it a shot. Might just be my answer”. Sharing is neither preaching nor axiomatic. It is the transition of one’s “I have done it and worked” to “you could try the same too”. JD probably never intended for this, but my learning from his lessons on leadership, results and success – Success cannot be compared with results, just like apples and oranges. Results are what you want to achieve. For some, to be successful will be the ultimate result. Plan for your result, follow a process. In the end, you will be happy, which in itself is a success.

Praveen Rangarajan, Senior Solutions Analyst

Results at Microsoft

  • JD’s ability to understand and cut to the real issues and then apply techniques that have proven to be successful in other situations is legendary at Microsoft. Over the years I have learnt that he will not recommend something or someone unless he believe it the entire value chain, making the advice you get even more potent. It’s a little like a whirlwind and you have to be prepared for a ride but if you want results and you want them fast, you talk to JD.

Mark Curphey, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft

  • For over a decade I’ve allowed myself to be driven by external demands. Again and again my most urgent and important tasks went undone, yet I was powerless to fix it. I met deadlines and found professional success—but the price of admission was an unsustainable burden that found me desperate and sometimes even in despair. Then a friend introduced me to Agile Results. J.D.’s writing resonated with me. The Rule of 3 has provided clarity, teaching me to devote laser-like focus to my most important tasks. Combined with the Monday Vision and Friday Reflection I’ve established the rhythm of results of which J.D. speaks. The price of success is now affordable, sustainable, and more satisfying. The simple, flexible, and now obvious imperatives of Agile Results are allowing me to seize my life back.

Jimmy May, Principal Performance Engineer, Microsoft

  • It was huge privilege for me working together with J.D. as he is industry recognized leader for professional guidance in areas such as software security, performance, and architecture. Using J.D.’s content I was able to deliver professional services to customers’ highest satisfaction – in terms of quality and time – something that customers value the most. The evidence for my success is that I have returning customers which only proves it. In short J.D.’s professional materials helped me becoming a very successful professional consultant. The biggest surprise for me was when I was exposed to J.D.’s work in Personal Development area. I was exposed to the topics such as time management, prioritization, coping with tough bosses, emotional intelligence, and many more. While all these are not new, J.D. was successful to carry out the main message very effectively and efficiently for each, so that it was easy for me to put it in practice and get results instantly. Applying those practices helped me reduce stress at home and work, I spend more time with my family, I never work more than 45 hours a week, I hit my numbers, I got a promotion, I made new friends, I focus on stuff that matters, I started living more fulfilling life with true meaning. In short I was exposed to The Business of Life . And I am grateful for that to J.D.

Alik Levin, Microsoft Consulting

  • J.D. Meier has been instrumental in my ability to manage the heavy volumes of email my job requires. Over 150 -300 actionable items per day can become overwhelming. J.D. provides a comprehensive approach in not only handling the influx of information, but also has helped me to prioritize at a higher level. Being able to think of breaking the day, the week, and the month into manageable chunks has kept my sanity. He has not only helped me to prioritize daily work, but the bigger picture of life. While I have tried other organizational tricks and tips, J.D. Meier’s methods have stuck with me and improved my work/ life balance. What I appreciate the most about J.D. is his willingness to keep coming back and work with me to refine my methods, his encouragement to take what works and adjust what doesn’t, and his enthusiasm to see me succeed! I have recommended him to all my co-workers and peers!

Chenelle Bremont, Microsoft X-Box team