Performance Review Template


This is an effective template for evaluating your performance. It helps you articulate your impact while defending your results in an objective way.

List your goal or commitment on in the left-hand colomn, and then reflect on your results in the right-hand column. For each commitment or goal, identify the results, how you achieved your results, any evidence, and then your analysis. Results should be quantified. How should illustrate your specific actions or influence. Evidence can be quotes or relevant data. Analysis should be your personal reflection on your results, based on looking at your impact (results), your approach (how), and data (evidence.)

  • Results: Identify the wins and outcomes. Quantify where you can to spice up the impact.
  • How: Briefly note how you achieved your results, demonstrating competencies and skills that are valued by the audience of your performance review.
  • Evidence: Identify the evidence that helps validate your results and impact. Any quotes or quantities are especially useful.
  • Analysis: Write down your take on how you did here. One way to focus is to think of three things going well and three things to improve.



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