Change Your WHY or Change Your HOW Explained


588959064You can’t always change the What.

But you can always change the Why or How.

Change Your HOW

Changing the How would be things like:

  • using deliberate practice (a disciplined approach to improve a routine activity)
  • making it a game (against time, against yourself, etc.)
  • pairing up with somebody
  • changing when you do it—have a different energy (power hours, creative hours)
  • linking it to good feelings (play your favorite songs or chunk it up or timebox things)

Change Your WHY

Changing the Why would be things like:

  • finding a higher cause (I’m doing this for the greater good vs. just for me)
  • making new meaning (I don’t want to rake the leaves -> raking the leaves helps do my part around the house)
  • tell a simple story (I write the code that brings good ideas to life.)

On changing the Why—the key is to find an intersection with your core values.


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