Cheat Sheet of the Agile Results Conceptual Framework


image: Conceptual Framework for Agile Results.png

Agile Results includes principles, patterns, and practices that get results in work and life.

It promotes an approach to improving results based on life cycles.

The conceptual framework is organized as follows:

  • Agile Results. This is the name for the overall system.
  • Hot Spots. Hot Spots provide a heat map for where you invest your time to produce results.
  • Results Frame. This is a map of the terrain, focused on results, productivity, and time management. A frame is a simply a way to organize and present information. The Results Frame is set of prioritized categories based on grouping actionable principles, patterns, and practices for results.
  • Principles, patterns, and practices. Serve as the foundation for the guide and provide a stable basis for recommendations. The principles are effectively guidelines that show up time and again. Patterns are recurring themes. Practices are techniques or methods.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Results. This is the rhythm for results. Each day, each week, each month is a fresh start and new chance to get results.


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