Cheat Sheet of 25 Strategies for Better Results in Work and Life



Scan the following list of strategies for results.

The strategies help you turn the principles into action.

You’ll notice that the strategies have simple names that are easy to recall or recognize.

Like a tickler list for your mind, the strategy names will help remind you of the deeper concepts, so that you can apply them in real time.

For example, the next time you’re wondering what’s next, you can remind yourself “Next Best Thing To Do.”

Here are the 25 strategies for results:

  1. Outcomes Over Activities
  2. Goals are Vehicles
  3. Know the System
  4. Know the Cycle
  5. Treat Time as a Valuable Resource
  6. Fix Time, Flex Scope
  7. Diversify Your Results
  8. Next Best Thing to Do
  9. Value Delivered Over Backlog Burndown
  10. Make it a Project
  11. Have a Strong Week
  12. Know Yourself
  13. Team Up
  14. Factor Thinking from Doing
  15. Factor Practice from Performance
  16. Measure Against Effectiveness
  17. Know What You’re Getting
  18. Model the Best
  19. Test Your Results
  20. Ask Better Questions
  21. Enjoy the Process
  22. Link it to Good Feelings
  23. Make the Most of What You’ve Got
  24. Teach What You Need to Learn
  25. Pave the Way Forward

For an explanation of each strategy, see 25 Keys to Better Results in Work and Life.

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