Overview of Agile Results



Imagine what you could do if you could master your personal productivity, your time management, and your work-life balance?

Agile Results helps you be YOUR best in any situation.

Simply put, Agile Results is a time-management system, productivity system, and results system that help you think, feel, and do your best.

Agile Results is a Simple System for Meaningful Results

It’s a timeless system for the changing times.  Agile Results is a personal results system for work and life.

The best way I can put it is, it helps you be the author of your life and write your story forward.

It’s a simple system for meaningful results that helps you get faster, simpler, and better results.

You achieve this by working on the right things, at the right time, the right way, with the right energy to get your best results.

Basically, it’s a system that can support you in everything you do.  It’s based on principles and patterns so you can tailor it for yourself or for any situation.

Story-Driven Results … Each Day, Each Week

With Agile Results, you write your story forward. Each day you identify three wins, and each week you identify three wins for the week:

3 Keys to Agile Results

These are three keys to adopting Agile Results:

1. The Rule of 3.

This is a simple guideline that helps you focus and prioritize.

Bite off three key things worth achieving.

You can use The Rule of 3 at different levels to zoom in and zoom out and take a look from the balcony. For example, you can use The Rule of 3 to pick three results for the day, the week, the month, and the year.

This helps you see the forest from the trees. For example, your three wins for the year are a higher level than your three wins for the month, and your three wins for the week are a higher-level than your three wins for the day.

2. Monday Vision, Daily Wins, and Friday Reflection.

This is a simple pattern for weekly results. Each week is a fresh start. On Mondays, you think about three results you would like to achieve for the week. Each day you identify three results you would like to achieve for the day. On Friday’s, you reflect on lessons learned. On Friday, you ask yourself, what three things are going well and what three things need improvement. This weekly pattern helps you build momentum.

3. Hot Spots.

Hot Spots are your heat map for work and life. They help you map out and prioritize your results.

Hot Spots are your lens to help you focus on what’s important in your life.

They can represent areas of opportunity or pain. It helps to organize your Hot Spots by work, personal, and life.

At a glance, you should be able to quickly see the balls you’re juggling and what’s on your plate.

To find your Hot Spots, simply make a list of the key things that need your time and energy. The goal is to easily answer the question, “what do you want to accomplish?” for each of these key areas.

Most importantly you should have scannable outcomes for your Hot Spots.

Scannable outcomes are simply a tickler list of what you want to accomplish.

When you know the results you want in your Hot Spots in your work and personal life, you have a map for your results.

What are you waiting for? … It’s time to get your game on.

Just Get Started.


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