Day 7 of Agile Results


Your Outcome: Design a great weekend.

Welcome to Day 7 of 7 Days of Agile Results.  Agile Results is the productivity system introduced in my best-selling time management book, Getting Results the Agile Way.

Let’s Recap

Let’s recap what we’ve done so far:

On Day 1 of Agile Results – Sunday (Getting Started), we took a quick look at Agile Results.

On Day 2 of Agile Results – Monday (Monday Vision), we identified our 3 Wins for the Week, and our 3 Wins for Monday.

On Day 3 of Agile Results – Tuesday (Daily Outcomes), we identified our 3 Win for the day.

On Day 4 of Agile Results – Wednesday (Daily Outcomes), we identified our 3 Wins for the day and did a checkpoint on how we are doing overall towards our 3 Wins for the week.  We readjusted as necessary so we could make the most from the days we have left.

On Day 5 of Agile Results – Thursday (Daily Outcomes), we identified our 3 Wins for the day.

On Day 6 of Agile Results – Friday (Friday Reflection), we reviewed our week and identified 3 things going well, and 3 things to improve.

Today, it’s all about fun.

Use Agile Results to Make the Most of Your Weekend

What do you want out of this weekend?

You can use The Rule of 3 whenever you need it.    Simply identify 3 Wins or 3 Outcomes that you want to achieve.

So, what are 3 Wins that I want out of this weekend?

  1. Catch up on sleep.
  2. Catch up on movies.
  3. Learn something deep.

I caught up on sleep, and I went to see Long Survivor.   It was intense.   Hopefully, I’ll catch up on a few more movies tomorrow.

I also plan to go through a home study course that I’ve had for a while.  Now’s the time.

3 Takeaways from 7 Days of Agile Results

Hopefully, stepping through each day had helped you get started with Agile Results.

1. If you fall off the horse, you can start Agile Results anytime, anywhere, simply by asking yourself:

“What are 3 outcomes that I want for today?”

… and write your answers down on a piece of paper or sticky note (my tool of choice.)

That’s it, you’re doing Agile Results.

2. If you remember two things, remember to use Three Wins or The Rule of 3:

Three Wins for the Day, Three Wins for the Week, Three Wins for the Month, Three Wins for the Year

3. If you remember three things, then remember the Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern:

  1. Monday Vision: On Mondays, identify your 3 outcomes or 3 Wins for the week.
  2. Daily Outcomes:  Each day, identify 3 Wins or 3 outcomes for your day.
  3. Friday Reflection:  Each Friday, identify 3 things going well and 3 things to improve.

If you really embrace and practice this simple system, you’ll be turning intentional action into magnificent results.  You’ll also very quickly multiple your results, simply by getting better at focusing, and concentrating your effort.  And, Friday Reflection will help you learn faster and deeper about your own ability to execute, and will help you build your execution excellence muscle.

Write Your Story Forward and Help 3 Others Unleash Their Potential

Don’t get discouraged if you struggle with some things.  Remember that you get to practice every day.  Enjoy it and challenge yourself.  Remember that the value is really in the change, and that our challenges produce some of our best changes.  Our challenges and changes are also the breeding ground of some of our best stories in our lives. 

It’s in this way that we are the authors of our lives and we continuously write our stories forward.

Also remember that sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach others.

If you teach 3 friends (family, or colleagues) how to get started with Agile Results, you’ll be helping more people find a way to flourish and realize their potential and to unleash the productive artist we all have inside.

Best wishes on your journey ahead.

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