Day 3 of Agile Results


Your Outcome:  Learn how to use Daily Outcomes to identify 3 outcomes or 3 Wins for today. 

By identifying your best 3 Wins for the day, you’ll be able to focus and prioritize throughout the day to achieve better results.

Welcome to Day 3 of 7 Days of Agile Results.  Agile Results is the productivity system introduced in my best-selling time management book, Getting Results the Agile Way.

Let’s Recap

Just to do a quick recap, here’s what we’ve done so far:

On Day 1 of Agile Results – Sunday (Getting Started), we took a quick look at how to use Agile Results to support us throughout the week.

On Day 2 of Agile Results – Monday (Monday Vision), this is where the fun started.  We identified our 3 Wins for the Week, and our 3 Wins for Monday.  (If you didn’t get a chance to do it already, identity 3 Wins for your Week.  Just ask yourself, if this were Friday, what 3 accomplishments would you want to have completed for the week.)

Now, for today, let’s get started.

Identify 3 Wins or Outcomes You Want to Achieve Today

It’s time for a fresh start.  This is your chance to choose the best things to focus on that will help you make the most impact today.

Here’s a simple process you can use to get started:

  1. Scan your calendar so you can get a good picture of the key events in your day.  You want to get a good sense of the priorities.
  2. Write down a simple list of the key tasks you have on your plate for today.
  3. Now, at the top of your list, identify 3 outcomes that would make this a great day.   Think of these as your 3 Wins for today, to help you focus and prioritize throughout your day.

Example of Identifying 3 Outcomes for the Day

For example, here are my 3 outcomes that I want for today:

  1. People in the meeting buy into the Scenarios + Architecture + Value approach
  2. Review meeting of the Devices + Services story leads to closure of open issues
  3. Sync up leads to a breakthrough I can apply to our production process

Those then act as my “tests for success” for the day. 

Your 3 Outcomes are Your “North Star” for Today

Do I have a lot of tasks on my plate for the day?  You bet.

Do I have a lot of meetings to attend?  Yep.

Will I be trying to use some of the little time slices in my day to try and complete many of my tasks?  Of course.

Will I be dealing with interruptions throughout the day, as well?  Yes, to that, too.

I will be dealing with chaos while riding the dragon.  And throughout the day, I’ll be driving to my 3 outcomes.

They are my North Star, while I deal with whatever comes my way throughout the day.

May your 3 Wins guide you and provide you with clarity, conviction, and calmness among the chaos – TODAY.

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