Rhythm of Results

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The rhythm of results is the pace, flow, or movement of your results. You can ride time to build momentum.

Think of the rhythm of results in terms of:

  • Daily results
  • Weekly results
  • Monthly results
  • Yearly results

You get a fresh start each day, each week, each month, each year. This is like setting up trains to leave the station: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you miss one, don't dwell on what you missed. Instead, catch your next best train. You can be late for today, or early for tomorrow. You can miss the boat this week, or catch the one next week. It's not an excuse for missing windows of opportunity. Instead, it's a way to help you identify your best windows of opportunity and move forward, over dwell on the ones you miss.

The Rhythm of Results and Timeboxing

You can use timeboxes to drive your rhythm of results. Simply set key dates and work backwards. Chunk up the work to deliver incremental value within the time boxes. This is a sharp contrast from where you might design the end in mind and then do calculated guesstimates on when you'd be done, how much it would cost and the effort it would take.

Use rhythm for the time boxes. Use a set of questions to drive the rhythm … When do you need to see results? What would keep the team motivated with tangible results? When do customers need to see something? Realize that when some windows close, they are closed forever. The reality is, as a project stretches over time, risk goes up. People move, priorities change, you name it. When you deal with venture capitalists, a bird in hand today, gets you funding for two more in the bush. Windows of opportunity and timing are important. By using time and timeboxes for your rhythm, you improve your chances of getting the results when it matters. This re-enforces both the adage "a stitch in time saves nine" and "too little, too late."

The other important aspect of time is that it acknowledges realistic contraints. It's unlikely that you have unlimited time. By figuring out the time you actually have to work with, you pace yourself better, prioritize better, and focus more effectively.

The Rhythm of Results and The Rule of 3

Use The Rule of 3 to accomplish three meaningful results each day, each week, and each month. The results add up fast. Most importantly, it’s a very simple way to frame out your results. Rather than get caught up in the details, it’s easy to step back and think in terms of three items. Then whether you’re looking at a day, a week or a month, you can quickly look at the bigger picture. For example, the three results for the month are much higher level than the three outcomes for the week, which are much higher than the outcomes for each day. It’s a quick way to traverse a lot of action that’s spread over time, and not get bogged down in the tasks themselves. It’s an incremental sketch of your results, rendered daily, weekly, and monthly. This let's you zoom in to your day, or zoom out to your week, or month, or year and truly see the forest from the trees.

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