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The Results Frame helps create a "heat map" to focus and organize guidelines for getting results. Each Hot Spot on the "heat map" represents an actionable bucket. You can use this map as a lens, both for learning guidelines for getting results, as well as for finding, organizing and sharing your own guidelines from other sources. By using an organizing frame, you can manage and prioritize large collections of information. Here are the Hot Spots for results:

Hot Spot Description
Action How you take action and manage your activities towards results.
Efficiency and Effectiveness How you manage the cost and speed of your results, as well as how you manage the quality of your results.
Energy Management How you manage your energy in terms of thinking, feeling, and doing, as well as how you take care of your eating, sleeping, and working out.
Expectations How you set and reset expectations with yourself and others.
Focus How you focus your time, energy, and attention.
Goals and Objectives How you set meaningful goals and objectives for your results.
Information Management How you organize and manage information, as well as avoid information overload.
Learning How you learn, improve, and correct course.
Mindsets and Motivation How you get your head in the game.
Planning How you map out the work to be done.
Prioritizing How you choose what’s more important.
Self-Awareness How to improve your knowledge about yourself in terms of achieving results.
Self-Discipline How you correct your behavior.
Task Management How you manage your tasks and action items.
Time Management How you manage and schedule your time.

Each of the Hot Spots contains a set of principles, patterns, and practices.

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