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patterns and practices for getting results
Welcome to the Getting Results Knowledge Base! Get started with Getting Results the Agile Way through plenty of tools, templates, and step-by-step guidance. With Agile Results, you get a personal results system for work and life. Use stories, scenario-driven results, and timeboxing, to improve your results, master your time management, and finally achieve work-life balance. Get a fresh start each day, each week, each month, each year.

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Getting Started


Checklist - Guidelines for Getting Results - Checklists present a simple list of checks to perform ("what to check for") to improve your personal productivity, time management, focus, work-life balance, and energy management.

Guidelines for Agile Results - Guidelines present the "what to do", "why", and "how." They are actionable recommendations in a tight format that help you quickly start putting ideas into practice.

Scenarios and Solutions - Scenarios and Solutions provide mini problem and solution pairs for common scenarios to help you quickly get results, master time management, and improve your energy.


Posters - Browse posters from Getting Results the Agile Way that you can stick up on your wall.

Slides - Watch slideshows on some of the main ideas in Getting Results the Agile Way.

Videos - Watch videos on some of the main ideas in Getting Results the Agile Way.

Visuals - Browse figures and visuals used to show key ideas in Getting Results the Agile Way.



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