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My name is J.D. Meier and I created the Agile Results system.


Agile Results is a way to make the most out of work and life. It's a simple system for getting results that combines some of the best methods for improving your thinking, feeling, and doing.


Getting results in today's landscape is tough. Our world changes faster than we can keep up. Worse, we don't necessarily learn the right skills we need such as time management, focus, or simple productivity.

I created this system as a way to help you .


By using three stories to drive your day, your week, and your year you take charge of your life and you learn to live life on your terms. By spending your time on the right things, with the right energy, at the right time, with the right approach, you learn to unleash your best. As you learn and respond, you build momentum. This momentum carries you, supporting everything you do.

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