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The Results Frame is a lens for looking at the productivity and results space. It’s a set of categories. Use this frame to organize and share your knowledge, principles, patterns, and practices for productivity and results.

Category Items
Action Anything about action or execution, including to do lists, execution checklists … etc.
Efficiency / Effectiveness Figuring out the right things to do and then how to do them better.
Energy Management Anything related to your personal energy and passion.
Expectations Setting and resetting expectations for yourself and others.
Focus Where you put your attention and your energy.
Goals / Objectives What you want to accomplish.
Information Management Anything related to organizing information.
Learning Anything related to how you learn and improve.
Mindset and Motivation Anything related to inspiration or motivation and how you make meaning.
Planning Organizing and sequencing your work.
Prioritizing Figuring out what’s most important, what to focus on, and what to do next.
Reference Anything about information that’s not actionable, but is a helpful reference.
Self-Awareness Anything related to figuring out your thinking, feeling, and doing patterns or behavior.
Self-Discipline Anything related to correcting your behavior.
Task Management Organizing and managing your tasks.
Time Management Organizing and managing your time.
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