Chapter 8 - Design Your Month

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Fall seven times, Stand up eight. —Japanese Proverb

In This Chapter

  • Learn how to create a scannable map of your month.
  • Learn how to design a more effective month.
  • Learn how to use The Rule of 3 to keep scope creep at bay.

This chapter shows you how to map out your month for monthly results. Mapping out your month helps you to really prioritize and focus on the most important results. It also helps you see another level up beyond your weekly results. This is especially helpful when you have longer term projects.

Things can take you by surprise. While you can’t predict everything, you can improve how you anticipate your month. You do this by mapping it out.

Note - The rest of this chapter is temporarily unavailable until January 30th. In the meantime, you can get the book on Amazon.

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