Chapter 11 - 25 Keys to Results

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Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning. —Benjamin Franklin

In This Chapter

  • Learn the sweet spot for results.
  • Learn a conceptual model for competency.
  • Learn the difference between “above the line” and “below the line.”

This chapter helps you get some quick fundamentals of results under your belt.

Results and productivity go hand in hand, but there’s a difference. Understanding this difference helps you shift from thinking about efficiency to focusing more on effectiveness. By focusing on effectiveness, you end up improving your efficiency. You also end up paying attention to the results you’re getting. It’s less about figuring out the right things to do up front and more about taking action and making course corrections based on feedback. This is the secret behind the most successful people. They may make a lot of mistakes. But they turn their failures into lessons. They learn how to make the most of what they’ve got and they keep taking action, tuning and pruning their abilities as they go. They drop the stuff that’s not working and stick with the right things, even when it’s tough to do so. They stay committed to their outcomes, but flexible in their approach. This is the ultimate key to success.

This chapter is an overview of some of the key concepts for getting results. If you know some of the underlying concepts, you’ll be able to handle resistance more effectively. For example, you might realize that you’re simply in an early stage of competency. By knowing the concepts, you can also figure out more effective strategies. Or perhaps you’re investing a lot of time and energy, but not producing the results you expect; examine whether you’re working on stuff that’s not valued. You also might realize that maybe you don’t have effective boundaries.

Note - The rest of this chapter is temporarily unavailable until January 30th. In the meantime, you can get the book on Amazon.

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