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The follow are real stories from real people, each with a story of how they made choices and changes. They are showcased so that you can understand the thoughts and strategies behind what they did to adopt Getting Results the Agile Way as their personal results system for work and life.

A short synopsis:

  • Case Study #1: Praveen Rangarajan Success Story -- Praveen is not a "process" guy, but Agile Results gave him just enough structure to support his everyday things. Using Agile Results he learned to improve his results at both work and life in a more systematic way.
  • Case Study #2: Dennis Groves Success Story -- Dennis went from overwhelmed to on top of his game and driving his day.
  • Case Study #3: Rob Boucher Success Story -- Rob added just enough process and structure to balance his work and life as a creative artist and free spirit.
  • Case Study #4: Jason Taylor Success Story -- Jason, already a successful CTO, took his game to a new level, by shifting from tasks to stories, learning how to fail fast, and focusing on ruthless effectiveness.
  • Case Study #5: Anutthara Bharadwaj Success Story -- Anutthara, a PM at Microsoft, found her productivity and email nirvana by adopting the Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern.
  • Case Study #6: Tim Kropp Success Story -- Tim, an Information Security Program Manager, went from overwhelmed, overworked, and behind to simple and effective results.
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