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-- J.D. Meier

This is a checklist with proven practices for improving your ability to take action. For an elaboration of guidelines for improving your ability to take action, see Action Guidelines.

  1. Ask Yourself, “What actions have I taken?
  2. Balance "good enough for now" with "perfection."
  3. Balance your buckets.
  4. Build a library of reference examples.
  5. Build feedback loops.
  6. Build a system of profound knowledge.
  7. Carve out time for what's important.
  8. Check your ladder.
  9. Chunk It Down.
  10. Decide and Go.
  11. Deliver incremental value.
  12. Do a Dry Run.
  13. Do It, Review It, and Improve It.
  14. Do more, think less.
  15. Don't spend $20 on a $5 problem
  16. Establish a rhythm of results.
  17. Expand your toolset.
  18. Get the Ball Out of Your Court.
  19. Have a compelling "what."
  20. Have a compelling "why."
  21. Improve your network.
  22. Just Start.
  23. Know the sum is better than the parts.
  24. Know what you're optimizing for.
  25. Make it work, then make it right.
  26. Manage energy for results.
  27. Model the best.
  28. Play to your strengths.
  29. Put in Your Hours.
  30. Reduce friction.
  31. Reduce your context switching.
  32. Schedule It.
  33. Scrimmage Against Results.
  34. Set a Quantity Limit.
  35. Set a Time Limit.
  36. Start with Something Simple.
  37. Stay flexible in your approach.
  38. Think in terms of a portfolio of results.
  39. Use checklists.
  40. Use focus as your weapon for results.
  41. Work backwards from the end in mind.

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