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This page is a collection of visuals for Getting Results the Agile Way. Use them to help you visualize the Agile Results system and to see parts of how it works. Browse the visuals down below or visit each standalone page.

Standalone pages for each visual:

Visual Tour of Getting Results the Agile Way

Take a Visual Tour of Getting Results the Agile Way ...

Simple Workflow


Workflow Expanded


Weekly Workflow


3 Keys to Results - Time, Energy, and Technique

image:3 Keys to Results.png

Conceptual Framework

image:Conceptual Framework for Agile Results.png

Do It, Review It, Improve It Loop

image:Do It Review It Improve It Loop.png

Hot Spots (Life, Work, and Personal)

image:Hot Spots.png

Motivation, Will and Discipline

image:Motivation Will and Discipline.png

Results Cycle

image:Results Cycle.png

Story-Driven Week

image:Story-Driven Week.png

Sweet Spot - Talent, Passion, and Value

image:Sweet Spot.png

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