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* [[About Getting Results the Agile Way|About the Book]]
* [[About Getting Results the Agile Way|About the Book]]
* [[Getting Results the Agile Way Table of Contents|Read the Book Free]]
* [[Getting Results the Agile Way Table of Contents|Browse the Book Free]]
* [[Buy the Book]]
* [[Buy the Book]]

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Getting Results the Agile Way

A Simple System for Meaningful Results

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The Book

Agile Results™ -- a simple system for meaningful results! Change happens. Use The Rule of Three, stories, and timeboxing, to improve your productivity, master your time management, and finally achieve work-life balance. More ...

The Knowledge Base

Buzz About the Book

Dr. Richard Kirschner

"Agile Results delivers know-what, know-why and know-how for anyone who understands the value of momentum in making your moments count." -- Dr. Rick Kirschner, bestselling author

Getting Started

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