Template for Yearly Planning



The goal is to create a scannable year at a glance, where you can see the key activities and events for your year.

This will help you better anticipate and plan.

The most important step it to identify three outcomes for the year.

A simple way to do this is ask yourself, if the year were over, what are three results you want under your belt?

To complete the template, first, list your personal events that you can think of.

This can include recurring items, such as bills or taxes or birthdays.

Next, list any work activities and events that you can think of.

You can think of this as a map of results for your year.

You can simply list any key outcomes that you want for certain months.

Think of it as a rough sketch unless you have hard dates set for things.

This helps you visualize your time for the year.


Identify three outcomes for the year:

  1. Outcome 1
  2. Outcome 2
  3. Outcome 3

Year at a Glance

Yearly Planner Template


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