Template for Monthly Planning



You can model your results for the month by focusing on three results for the month and then three results for each week.

When you’re just starting out, you might find it easier to simply list the three results you want for the month.

Gradually, you can start to see how your results each week feed into the results you want for the month.

A simple way to work through the monthly planner is to list things you would like done for the month in your Queue.

Prioritize the items by MUST, SHOULD, or COULD.

Limit your MUST to the three most important outcomes.

Under “Planned,” decide three outcomes you want for each week of the month.

Under “Completed,” list your actual results at the end of each week, against your outcomes.

This will help you reflect on whether you are getting the right results or if you need to adjust your targets or your approach.


Identify three outcomes for the month:

  1. Outcome 1
  2. Outcome 2
  3. Outcome 3

Month at a Glance



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