Success Stories

Welcome to the Success Stories page on Getting Results!  Here are real stories, from real people, getting real results, with Agile Results.

  1. Anutthara Bharadwaj on Agile Results — Anutthara, a PM at Microsoft, found her productivity and email nirvana by adopting the Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern.
  2. Dennis Groves on Agile Results — Dennis went from overwhelmed to on top of his game and driving his day.
  3. Jason Taylor on Agile Results — Jason, already a successful CTO, took his game to a new level, by shifting from tasks to stories, learning how to fail fast, and focusing on ruthless effectiveness.
  4. Praveen Rangarajan on Agile Results — Praveen is not a “process” guy, but Agile Results gave him just enough structure to support his everyday things. Using Agile Results he learned to improve his results at both work and life in a more systematic way.
  5. Rob Boucher on Agile Results — Rob added just enough process and structure to balance his work and life as a creative artist and free spirit.
  6. Tim Kropp on Agile Results — Tim, an Information Security Program Manager, went from overwhelmed, overworked, and behind to simple and effective results.