Overview of Planning



Planning is about mapping out the results and the work to get there.

It can be at the macro-level, such as a project plan, or it can be at the micro-level, such as planning your immediate activity.

The key to success is keeping your plans lightweight, flexible, and focused on outcomes.

Inflexible plans break when you put them into action.

Flexible plans allow you to keep moving forward and deal with whatever comes your way.

Expect change and embrace it. Agility is the ability to respond to change.

Your plans should be agile in that you stay focused on the outcomes, but change your approach as necessary to achieve your results.

You can also practice agility in your outcomes, by adjusting your outcomes as you learn more about what really matters.

Whether you are planning your next task or planning a project, the idea is roughly the same.

Spend the time to map out the work, so you can execute.

The keys to effective planning are getting clarity on the outcomes, identifying the work to be done, prioritizing effectively, and dealing with risks and issues.


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