Overview of Goals



Goals are your guide for results.

Technically, a goal is the result you want to achieve, while objectives are specific and measurable checkpoints along the way.

Your goals should be relevant and meaningful for you. If they aren’t compelling, you aren’t going to see them through.

The keys to effective goals are clarifying meaningful results.

Goals are the results you want, and objectives are the checkpoints along the way.

Goals help you set the direction, and the pursuit of your goals helps you become more in the process; meanwhile, objectives help you maintain a sense of progress.

You already have goals, but the key is to put them out there where you can see whether they serve you.

It’s getting mindful about what you want to accomplish.

At a simple level, you already have goals for things like eating and sleeping for the day.

As you move up the stack, your goals are outcomes you want for other areas of your life, such as your career or relationships.

In some cases, time is important: goals have deadlines because of windows of opportunity you want to hit.

In other cases, it’s not time that’s important, but progress. In which case, you can use your goals like flight plans, you’re your objectives are the flight instruments to help you move towards the direction you want and adjust as necessary.


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