Getting Started with Agile Results

Be more  and achieve more with Agile Results!

Learn how to use better energy for better results.  Agile Results is a simple productivity system for work and life that helps you realize your potential the Agile Way. 

It helps you spend more time in your strengths, less time in your weaknesses, and do the things that matter most, with focus, clarity, and better energy.

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Getting Started with Agile Results


Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection
Calendar Reminders for Agile Results
The Three Wins Approach: Chunk Your Tasks into Meaningful Results
How To Adopt Agile Results
How To Adopt the 12 Core Practices of Agile Results


The Rule of 3 Explained
10 Big Ideas from Agile Results
12 Core Practices of Agile Results Cheat Sheet
30 Day Sprints: The Key to Making Impact, Changing Habits, and Rapid Learning
The Life Hot Spots Framework: 7 Categories for Balancing Your Life
Scannable Outcomes Explained


The Ultimate Guide to Agile Results