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Getting Results the Agile Way (Amazon)

You’re just one step away from leap frogging over your old self to phenomenal results with a powerful system that is fully described in the book.

An Amazing Thing Happens When You Become More Focused and Productive …

You get more out of life. It’s like you have 27 hours out of the day, while everyone else has 24, and they spend 8 of them sleeping, while you spend them dreaming of what’s to come next.

Win at Work and Life!

When you read Getting Results the Agile Way, you’ll put the art and science of personal productivity on your side.

In fact, here’s what you’ll learn ….

  • Proven practices to master time management, motivation, and personal productivity
  • Discover the one way to stack the deck in your favor that’s authentic and works
  • How to embrace change and get better results in any situation
  • How to focus and direct your attention with skill
  • How to use your strengths to create a powerful edge for getting results
  • How to change a habit and make it stick
  • How to never miss the things that matter most, and achieve better work-life balance
  • How to spend more time doing the things you love

What Others are Saying


“Agile Results delivers know-what, know-why and know-how for anyone who understands the value of momentum in making your moments count.”– Dr. Rick Kirschner, bestselling author


JD’s ability to understand and cut to the real issues and then apply techniques that have proven to be successful in other situations is legendary at Microsoft. Over the years I have learnt that he will not recommend something or someone unless he believe it the entire value chain, making the advice you get even more potent. It’s a little like a whirlwind and you have to be prepared for a ride but if you want results and you want them fast, you talk to JD.“– Mark Curphey, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft


JD is the go-to-guy for getting results, and Agile Results demonstrates his distinct purpose – he shows how anyone can do anything, better. This book has simple, effective, powerful tools and ideas that are easy enough for everyone to apply in their work and lives, so that they get the results they’d like, even the impossible and the unexpected.”– Janine de Nysschen, Changemaker and Purpose Strategist, Whytelligence

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Kindle Version Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life, by J.D. Meier

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Printed Book Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life, by J.D. Meier

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