Overview of Action



Taking action is essential.

It’s how you make things happen.

By taking action, you can test what works and what doesn’t. When you take action, you produce results.

If you’re not getting the results you want, then you can change your approach.

When a ship is sailing, it can correct its course. The same is true when you are taking action. Know the sum is more than the parts.

Consistent action over time produces real results.

Think about how much you’ve accomplished over the long run, just by showing up at work every day and doing your job.

The keys to action are chunking things down, making time for things, focusing on outcomes over activities, and testing your results.

Action is at the heart of results.

For many people, a lack of action is what holds them back from great results.

They have great ideas that they’ll never test. They have results they want, but they’ll never take action to get them.

Action is actually a competitive advantage.

Your ability to take action, produce results, and change your approach based on feedback is a powerful loop for achieving whatever you want in your life.


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